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Telesis 3.0

$2,950.00 $2,950.00

The Telesis 3.0 is the third generation of the Telesis student training system.

Beginning in 1988 with the original design, the Telesis student skydiving rig has become the #1 best selling student training system in the world. It has set the standard by which all others aspire to.

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The following are areas where the Telesis excels:

  • The highest quality- RI is known for it’s legendary quality.
  • Rugged and durable.
  • Each generation has been technically more advanced than the competition.
  • Easy to use – Simple and easy for the student to operate.
  • Rigger friendly – Not just a saying but true. One of the simplest systems to pack and maintain.
  • Cost effective, they last long and are easy to maintain.
  • 4 different sizes means that there is a size for all sizes of individuals and canopy combinations.

Building your Student System for your Operation

  • The harness and container is provided with all the component parts of the reserve and main.
  • To complete your package, you must “add” the cost of the main deployment parts for the type of training used at your drop zone.
  • For Example: If your training is AFF-BOC only, the price of the AFF-BOC parts must be added to the base price of the Telesis.

Note About Training Applications

  • If your training includes both “Free fall” with a main spring pilotchute and AFF-BOC the container can only be set up with ONE type of Main Over-ride Deployment (MOD) handle for the “off-side” jumpmaster.
  • You may choose either the MOD pillow handle for use with the spring pilotchute or the MOD loop handle for the throw-out pilotchute. The MOD handles are not interchangeable or compatible with either types of deployment.

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