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Square One Parachute Sales & Service, Inc

Square One maintains a unique and very special position in the skydiving industry. The company was founded in early 1984 to fill a void for an equipment dealer that offered a wide variety of products, good prices and great service. Since that date, Square One has become the industry standard in providing customers with the best information available, the best equipment selection, and the best customer service anywhere – always at a great price.


So, why choose Square One for all your skydiving needs? For over three decades we have been very innovative in both product selection and customer service.

As serious skydivers, we see a need for better products, always looking to solve current problems and make the sport not only safer, but more ergonomic and user-friendly. In response, we have started to design and manufacture our own skydiving products such as the Phantom Full-Face Helmet, the Kiss Full-Face Helmet, and the Exo Helmet Bag. Stay tuned some very exciting new products which will be released each year!

An active member and contributor in the global skydiving community, Square One’s President & CEO, Tony Domenico, is a multiple World Record holder, National medalist, and has held key positions in various FS World Record events throughout his career, including World Team’s 282-Way, 357-Way, and the current 400-Way World Record set in 2006.

In addition, Tony is one of the founding members of “Jump for the Cause” Women’s World Record Charity Events. Tony and the JFTC team have raised over $1M for breast cancer research, prevention, and awareness. These premiere record events resulted in several Women’s FS World Records, including the 118-Way, 131-Way, 151-Way and the current 181-Way Women’s World Record set in 2009.

Tony is also a founding member of “P3 Skydiving,” a globally recognized organization dedicated to the training and coordination of large formation skydiving events based in Perris, CA. The P3 Team has organized multiple State and National FS Record events, as well as some of the most technically challenging invitational events in the world.

No other equipment dealer can offer you the experience offered by our Square One staff. Our goal is to give Square One customers the best, most informed service possible, period.

No other dealer in skydiving puts as much back into the sport as Square One does! For over a decade, Square One has been a proud sponsor of the POPS World Record events, and we continue to sponsor and organize a variety of other events annually. Our enthusiasm for the sport is reflected in both ours and our employees’ attitudes toward both the sport and its participants. Call us and talk to us sometime. You will feel and see the difference.

We at Square One have dedicated our lives to the sport of skydiving. We want skydiving to touch as many people as possible, the way it has touched and changed us.

Our promise to you – the larger Square One becomes, the more we will put back into our great sport. We want to thank you, our customers, because without you there would be no Square One and we will never forget that. Thanks again!

Blue Skies, Sincerely,
Tony Domenico D-8997