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Square 1 welcomes Matt Jaskol to the team!

We’re very pleased to introduce Matt Jaskol, Square 1’s newest sponsored athlete from Sin City!

Pro Rating | IAD Rating | Tandem Instructor | Videographer

Gear : Mirage G4 | PD Stiletto | Icarus Nano Reserve | Kiss Helmet

Matt is a professional race car driver and instructor as well as a former Red Bull F1 development driver who has competed in multiple motorsports disciplines such as Open Wheel / IndyCar, Off-Road and NASCAR. When he isn’t burning up the track you’ll find him shredding the Las Vegas skies or traveling the world to jump in exotic places. Matt’s other interests include Triathlons, Cycling, Kart Racing and minding after the family business with his dad.

Apart from Matt’s accomplishments as an athlete, what we’re drawn to is his professional work ethic, his infectious enthusiasm and his willingness to coach others and give back to the sport. You’re an official part of the Square 1 family now, Matt – and we’re so happy to have you!

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